Welcome to the Official Blog of the Prince of Fitness. I would like to take the time out and say Thank You for visiting my site! My name is Prince Daniels Jr. and I am a former NFL RB for the Baltimore Ravens. For those of you who have no clue of who I am, and some of the things that I stand for, I took the time to interview myself to give you a deeper understanding the "Prince Of Fitness"

My mission?

My mission is to help mankind evolve into a more compassionate, healthier, and mindful people. I believe that we come to be our best selves when we are each able to connect our mind, body, and spirit; and I have made it my purpose to help people all over the world achieve that. After playing football professionally

Dalai Lama once quoted " If every child is taught about mindfulness and its practices, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation".

I'm a firm believer in this quote and I have made it my special mission to make this a reality with my newest youth book series, The I'mAGine Series. To learn more visit here

How I Got The Title "Prince of Fitness"


My Favorite Sayings

"Do the work for work's sake. Don't expect anything."

"Control your breath, don't let it control you."

"Make no appointments, there will be no disappointments."



Initially, my vision was to create something tangible for my unborn children so they can bypass a lot of the problems our society has been plagued with for many centuries. But as time went on, I realized that the gift I am giving to my unborn children should be shared with the world so that all mankind can know meditation. 

What Do I Stand For?

I stand for two major things: Truth and Co-Existance. I believe that if we can all be honest with ourselves, and each other, we will be able to co-exist harmoniously on this planet earth that we all share. We all have special talents and different purposes that we need to help each other hone and improve. We all have a tremendous amount of experiences and tribulations that we have all faced, and the wisdom we all receive should go to affecting others in a more positive way. I believe that we need more unity and less division in our world today so we can understand each others' differences. As humans we all seem to have many similarities and goals for ourselves. We all seem to want to be happy and healthy individuals. I believe that understanding our selves internally serves as the basis and platform of us being able to co-exist and live in a more harmonious world.


What do I want to help my visitors and subscribers do?

I want visitors and subscribers to understand mindfulness and the benefits of its practices. In addition, I would like my visitors and subscribers to stay tuned to my website for more information and content from me the Prince of Fitness. I will be releasing many great resources created and formulated by myself such as recorded guided meditations, exhilarating workout videos, great giveaways,  and much more. Make sure you go follow me on all of the social media channels to stay up to date for new content releasing, ask me questions, and support my mission. I want them toI am a living testimony with a riveting story.


Why you should continue supporting my brand?

My brand encapsulates the balance of mind, body and spirit. These three components are essential to our daily lives in fulfilling the past, present and future.


What do I do in my spare time?

Read, write, meditate, enjoy my family and friends, eat lots of good food, laugh, listen to music, and most importantly, do what I love.  I live in San Diego so I do alot of out door activities such as hiking, going to the beach, and working out (rarely work out in a gym).


Personal Shout outs and why..

Oprah- She has single handedly changed the world and made a difference.

Russell Simmons- A major influence over the black community,  he meditates, and his books are awesome. 

Deepka Chopra-  Introduced meditation to the West in a way that is digestible for the masses.

Osho Foundations- Is a phenomenal foundation that exposed the truth in the early 80's and now is a great platform and tool to help evolve mankind.  

Nazirmoreh ABRD- All Blessing and Respect Due. The truth, light and Love

I'mAGINE club series- The club that came to me in my dreams. Now it's a part of my reality. 

Everyone that meditates: They encourage others to meditate as well, continuing to do the work for the work's sake. OM

David Lynch Foundation- I respect the incredible work they have been doing for over 20+ years. 

YogaKids- Provided me an opportunity to speak at their annual conference and meet the amazing kids that are a part of the program.

Georgia Tech- A great education and great networking platform. 

Calvin Johnson- My best friend, giving him a shout out for just being himself. Enough said. 

Jermiah Attaochu - He allowed me to teach him meditation. He has embraced it and now applies it to enhance his life. 

My Family and Friends- The support and love they have given me that you cannot find anywhere else. Priceless.