The Group Challenge

Location: San Diego, California

  • 21 Participants                                                                   - The ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION

  • Challenge Begins : FALL 2017 TBD                                  - Challenge a friend*

  • CELEBRITY GUEST TRAINERS                                                  - special guest speaker

  •  Over 10 Different Workout Locations                           - Flexible Workout schedules


The next challenge begins: TBD in San Diego, California. I will be leading this challenge for 21 people and there are spots available.  Join me as I take participants on a journey of a lifetime throughout the beautiful backdrop of the Greater San Diego area. To learn more about the challenge please visit You can learn more about the challenge, explore some great content and see what has so many people raving.



After this challenge is over, you will become the apostrophe that transforms the word Impossible into I’m Possible
— Prince (PJ) Daniels Jr "The Prince of Fitness"

Because Nothing Is Impossible; Unless You Believe It Is

For those of you who know me, understand that I'm about three things, the mind , the body, and the spirit. I believe that when a person connects these three things together, they can do ANYTHING. Over the course of my life, I have been grateful and blessed to have the opportunities to see some of the most miraculous things happen to me and others around me that challenge what others may believe is possible.

The word impossible according to Websters Dictionary is defined as "not able to occur, exist, or be done".  I hear many people use this word to describe different kinds of tasks and goals that need to be accomplished. "Will I ever get to my target weight?" "That's Impossible"   "Will I ever be able to get that new job and make more money?"  "That's impossible" .  When i hear this word I take the time to tell that person, "Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it is" To show people that nothing is impossible unless they believe it is, I created the Ultimate 21 Day Fitness Challenge. Through this challenge, you will become the apostrophe that tuns the word impossible, to I'm Possible.

Life is simple when you become the best you"

Becoming The Best "YOU"

Life becomes easier and simpler when we become the best version of ourselves. Everyone wants to be their best self,  but few of us actually do it. In most cases, we seem to be our own worst enemies when it comes to gaining success, realizing our dreams, and living a healthy, passionate, and purposeful life. Most of us are self destructive without being aware, practicing unhealthy and detrimental habits that we are not aware of. Those who are aware most of the time lack the necessary tools and knowledge needed in order to improve their situations and their lives.

The Ultimate 21 Day Fitness Challenge has been created by me Prince Daniels Jr, "The Prince Of Fitness" to empower you with the tools, motivation, and purpose to reclaim your life and become the best version of yourself. Throughout my life, I have been blessed to gain the intangibles needed to achieve success at the highest level; and I have learned that it starts with the person inside. This program challenges each participants mind, body, and spirit to reach higher levels of dexterity, stability, endurance, and strength, ultimately leading to a better you. Many believe that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, and during this Ultimate 21 Day Fitness Challenge, we put that theory to the "Ultimate Challenge". There is nothing else on the market that will have you looking great, feeling wonderful, and thinking more clearly.



This challenge is all about results. This challenge will be one of the toughest things you’ve ever had to face in your life. This challenge will take you on a 21 day journey that will challenge your mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude.
Through this challenge, you will gain experiences that will help you realize and achieve your full potential. While on this journey Prince Daniels Jr. will be available for you twenty four hours seven days a week through this whole journey to motivate, inspire, and push you past your personal threshold to ensure you get maximum results. This challenge will emphasize a combination of different aspects that encompass a healthier and holistic lifestyle. When this challenge is over, you will have a clear mindset, and the will to accomplish any task set forth. Its that simple…

I would never produce or recommend something that I would not 100% wholeheartedly stand behind. When I created this challenge, I had expected to change and affect peoples lives in a positive way. I never would of have imagined that it would have such an impact. This is not the type of challenge that's results just show up after its over, and diminish. The results from this challenge will continue to show as time goes on. Participants who have completed this challenge, have experienced tremendous improvements in not only there over all well being, but also aspects of their professional, social, and spiritual lives. Here is just one of our most recent participants. Let's see what he had to say.