If you happen to know me personally, you know that I have a hard time articulating exactly who I am and what is I do. I consider myself a doer, and I believe that talking about doing; just takes time away from doing. As a season public speaker, it is important that I am eloquent regarding the topics that I speak, but I am rarely the topic of my speeches.


When I learned I was going to be giving an interview for the Trailblazers FM Podcast with Stephen Hart, I immediately thought to myself, "Here we go again". But for some reason, this experience was a little different. It was actually invigorating. As someone who is a proponent of mindfulness, meditation, and living in the present moment; I often forget to reflect on the past. This interview gave me the opportunity to think back on the experiences, trials, and tribulations, that helped me become the person I am currently. I think the only difference between a person who practices mindfulness and someone who doesn't is that I was able to reflect and talk about my past experiences without any judgement; the type of judgement that would affect the person who I currently am. 

We all have a story of past experiences; some good some bad, but all experiences that helped shape who we are today. It is important that we are able to reflect analyze those experiences, but from a place of no judgment. Being able to understand your story, will help you gain the context clues, to know where you are going to be; and that can be invaluable. Knowing where you are going will help you make the necessary steps and decisions in the present moment to get you where you need to be. So take the time and meditate on your past without any judgement. We all have stories to tell, so never shy away from telling yours.

If you haven't had a chance to go check out my podcast interview on The Trailblazers Podcast, make sure you get in a comfortable place with no distractions. I'm speaking from the heart on this interview so I know that you will enjoy and connect with my words. Some of the topics  I discuss are

  • Some of the big lessons that you learned playing football, and what stuck with me most 
  • The difficulty of the decision to let go of football 
  • How long were you playing football?
  • How I've redefined myself to be a motivational speaker,  inspirational fitness instructor and celebrity meditation and mindfulness expert
  •  What is driving the work that I'm doing today.
  • What has mindfulness and meditation actually done for me.
  • What are some ways that we can put mindfulness and meditation into practice right now in our day-to-day lives now to see some measure of impact?
  • What can we look forward to from me as we head into 2018?
  • What are a couple books that I gain inspiration from

I want to give a special thanks to Mr. Stephen Hart for having such thoughtful and insightful questions during this interview. I would love to come back and share more with your listeners. Click here to visit the trailblazers fm podcast website, to listen to other awesome interviews from other exceptional trailblazers.